Q Roles/ Responsibilities

Thanks for volunteering to lead and be a Q for our group!

Please find some helpful information below as you plan your workout.

Adapted from FiA "Q-School"

FiA Q Goals

  • Design and lead a workout that is accessible and challenging for every woman who shows up that morning
  • Have fun and build a sense of community

FiA Q Roles and Responsibilities

  • Leadership to the PAX
    • Your tone sets the tone for the workout. Be confident, strong, and spirited!
    • Be particularly mindful of FNGs and newer FiA posting.
  • Before the workout:
    • Post a Preblast, encouraging chatter from the PAX
  • The day of the workout
    • Welcome any FNG's upon arrival, and make them feel important and with a desire to return
    • Don't forget the disclaimer. It protects FiA, you, and those around you!
    • After the warm-up and workout, share announcements, lead the Name-O-Rama, and the Circle of Trust (see below for more details)
  • After the workout
    • Post Backblast in the closed Facebook group, encouraging chatter

Planning the Workout

A well-balanced workout will typically include a quick warm-up, cardio, strength, and core & basic stretching. Ideally, it will encompass all or most major body muscle groups (legs, arms, abs). Here are some tips:

    • Map out the course ahead of time, including ensuring there will be sufficient lighting during the workout.
    • Have a back-up plan for bad weather
    • Consider the timing- how long will it take to travel between points, how long do you estimate it will take to complete various portions of the workout?
    • It is always better to have too much prepared than to be surprised with "leftover" minutes.
    • Consider a theme (stations, point-to-point, ladders/ 11s/ 7s, Partner Work, Tabatas) For more ideas, see our
    • Know whether you are going to count exercises in cadence.
    • Keep it simple- don't spend too much time explaining a workout.
    • Remember "No Woman Left Behind". Be mindful that the workout should be accessible AND challenging for every woman that shoes up that morning.- Consider offering more reps to faster/ strong PAX, or an exercise for the gals that finish first.

The Workout

  • Start ON TIME! Identify any FNGs and welcome them to the group.
  • Begin each workout with the Disclaimer- reminding everyone that you are not a professional, make any modifications they deem necessary, listen to their bodies, and go at their own pace.
  • Consider demonstrating any new exercises, allowing everyone to see proper movement and form.
  • Be mindful of counting- we almost always count too fast, so slowing down the count is best.
  • Be aware of the PAX, and look for cues if the exercise is too easy or too difficult and modify as necessary.

The Finish

  • End ON TIME- It is the Q responsibility to manage the clock and end of time. Ensure there is enough time at the end for the Name-O-Rama and the COT.
  • It is the Q responsibility for leading and recording members of the PAX in attendance, as well as collecting FNG contact information.
  • If an FNG is in attendance, the PAX will need to determine a proper nickname for our new sister.
  • Name-O-Rama- Each FiA announces her birth name, age, and nickname. The PAX repeat the FiA name in unison before moving onto the next woman.
  • Share any announcements as necessary, then close with your thought/ intention/ prayer for the day.